Magazine Feature – Retailer Puts the Company Truck to Work

Magazine Mention – Custom Boxes by Bob's Audio and Electronics, Inc.


Magazine Feature – Retailer Puts the Company Truck to Work

Stereo Installation TorranceThe below excerpt is from a magazine feature that gives some insight on Bob's Car Audio and Electronics, Inc.

"I'm just kind of making a circus vehicle out of it," says Bob Hud, owner of Bob's Car Audio and Electronics, Inc., in Torrance, Calif. Hud is referring to the delivery truck he bought for his store. On the outside, it looks relatively unassuming – just a big white truck with the obligatory store logo painted on the sides. Bt the inside packs a four-kilowatt punch of sound.

"We got sponsored," Hud says. "I've got 4,000 watts going into it and we have the enclosures in it." Hifonics woofers – four inchers and four 15 inchers – supply the bass.

Naturally a system like that is very good at attracting attention. "It's like having a moving bulletin board, so I drive it around," Hud says. "If I'm going out for pizza or something, I'll crank ir up and people will see my logo." Community events, restaurants, trips to the store – no outings is too small for Bob's billboard on wheels.

"If there's a volleyball tournament somewhere, we'll just park it down there, sometimes I park it at McDonalds, sometimes I park it at Sav-On," he says. "We're trying to just get attention."

Hud says the promotion has worked, especially with young customers looking for as much volume as they can afford. "One time I went to get pizza, and I didn't have the music up," Hud says. "A kid yells, out, 'Crank it!' So I cranked it up and three car alarms went off. Two months later these same kids come into the shop and they go, 'Hey, remember me? I was the one who yelled to crank it!' They bought a system from me."

The truck also has more practical uses. "When I buy woofers, sometimes I buy 50 to 100 times at a time," Hud says. He often uses the truck to pick up his order himself, which he says results in saving on shipping and fewer damaged parcels.

Hud gets a third use out of the truck by using it for his second business. South Bay Karaoke DJ Services. "We have karaoke in there – we call it 'Car-aoke'," he says.

With the truck receiving all of this use, it's essential to protect the sound system from shifting boxes or enthusiastic karaoke singers. "We have a frame built around the boxes, bolted in nice and neat," Hud says. "It's bg enclosure, kindof old-school, so when the low frequency hits, it really just pounds you."

Magazine Mention – Custom Boxes by Bob's Audio and Electronics, Inc.

Car Media Installation South mentions one of the Custom Boxes that Bob's Audio and Electronics, Inc. built for a hooked up Ford pickup truck, in "The Inside Story".










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